Learning French enables you to know the official language of 27 countries across 5 continents. French is thus the second most widely learned foreign language in the world and gaining an official qualification from the French Ministry of Education (DELF) is nowadays a requirement in many professions, especially in the field of tourism.

Learning French is no longer a luxury – it is starting to be a necessity

Our French courses range from beginner classes (A1) to advanced groups (C1) and they are organised as follows:

Extensive courses

Organised in groups of the same level and with a length of 8 – 9 months and 2 – 3 hours each week.

One-to-One Classes

For those who look for a personalised approach and flexible  timetable.

Certificado DELF Frances Multidiomas Huelva

DELF and DALF are official diplomas produced by the French Ministry of Education to certify the linguistic abilities of Speakers of French as a Foreign Language. The DELF-DALF certificate is composed of 6 individual diplomas which correspond to the 6 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


The content of all French classes is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which is divided into 6 levels.

A1 DELF A1 Elementary
A2 DELF A2 Elementary
B1 DELF B1 Intermediate
B2 DELF B2 Intermediate
C1 DALF C1 Advanced
C2 DALF C2 Advanced
DELF – DALF qualifications

Enjoy great international recognition and prestige.

Certify objectively and independent of the school curriculum and the culture sector the knowledge of French at all levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Are synonymous with “quality”. The exams are conducted all over the world, following the same standards.

Strengthen motivation because they set a clearly defined aim.

Include exam tasks that are practical and realistic.

Demonstrate the ability in all 4 skills: reading and listening comprehension and oral and written communication

Make it possible to gain admission to a French University.

Improve employment opportunities.

10 reasons to learn French

A language spoken across the world

More than 200 million people speak French. The Francophone World covers 68 countries and governments. After English, French is the language that most people choose to learn as a foreign language. Furthermore, together with English, it is the only language that you can learn in any country of the world.

A language to find work

Learning French is an advantage which improves the possibilities to find work in the international labour market. Knowing French opens doors to companies in all Francophone countries (France, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and the African Continent).

A language of culture

French is the language of cuisine, fashion, theatre, visual arts, dance and architecture. Being able to speak French allows you access to the great works of French and Francophone Literature as well as cinema and music in its original version.

A language to travel

More than 70 million people visit France each year, making France to most visited country in the world. At the same, French is useful for visiting Switzerland, Canada, Monaco, Africa, the Seychelles and many more.

A language to study at French Universities

The ability to speak French allows you to study in France – to attend prestigious universities or great business or engineering schools, or to learn in academies of Culinary Arts – which are considered to be amongst the best institutions for Higher Education in Europe and the world.

A language to open horizons

After English and German (and ahead of Spanish), French is the language that is most-commonly used on the internet.

An easy to learn language

French is a language that can be easily learned and you can progress quickly to a level at which you feel confident and which allows you to communicate sufficiently.

A language to learn other languages

Learning French helps you to study other languages, in particular Romance Languages (Italian, Portuguese or Romanian). But it is also useful to study English, as more than 50% of the current English vocabulary has been influenced by French.

A language for debating and thinking

French is an analytical language which structures the thinking and develops critical analysis. It is the language of great philosophers (Descartes, Sartre or Derrida) and renowned scientists (Pierre and Marie Curie, Pasteur, Georges Charpak)

The other language of international relations

French is both the working and the official language in the UN, the European Union, the UNESCO, the NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the Red Cross … and in numerous international courts. French is spoken in the three most important places within the European Union: Strasbourg, Brussels and Luxembourg.

It’s time to learn French

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