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One doesn’t study languages,
one speaks them

We offer you an alternative to the traditional methods of teaching English where oral communication used to be relegated to the background. It is possible to learn and improve a language without the need to study long lists of verbs and vocabulary. What you need to do is simply practise, expand your vocabulary, express yourself and think in the language. How? Very easy, come to our conversation classes and you will find out.

Practise your English once a week during our 1 hour long conversation classes with native teachers and other students of the same level.

Small groups with a maximum of 6 students per teacher.

Ideal for those who are preparing for an official exam and who would like to practise the oral section in depth.

Themed classes that you can combine with any of the courses available (extensive, intensive, one-to-one) or which you can do independent of other courses to improve you level of English.

Sessions that have a structure and methodology that is different to your usual classes – much more personal and informal. We are swapping books for a café.

Do you want a coffee? We don’t need books

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The ideal method to learn a language well is by speaking it. Talk to a teacher and other students in small groups of the same level and use your English in authentic conversations whilst learning new expressions and vocabulary in a entirely practical way.

Learn English whilst speaking it – without the need to study.
Are you ready for the challenge?

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