English courses
for young people

Groups according to age and level

Our courses for young people aged 12 – 17 years, are designed to help students learn the language in a dynamic and active way, through exercises that are tailored to the student’s age and level.

Communicative Learning

In all lessons and courses, students will practise all 4 skills: Speaking and Writing, Reading and Listening, with the main goal of fully developing their ability to understand and use the language at a communicative level.

Cambridge Certificate

We offer thorough preparation for the official Cambridge exams “English for Schools” across all levels and courses for teenagers.

Features of our courses

Specific material

We have specific materials for young learners, which have been produced and are endorsed by Cambridge English Language Assessment, the institution responsible for the Cambridge exams.

Native teachers

Qualified native and bilingual language teachers who communicate with students in English from Day One and who encourage students to always participate actively in class.

Online platform

Students have access to an online platform which provides motivating and dynamic exercises and practice.

Innovative approach

Our courses have an innovative approach in which new technologies are a fundamental learning tool in and outside the classroom.

Official certificate

After completing the Teen courses, students are ready to sit the official Cambridge exams “English for Schools” and to achieve their official certificate.


Teen I A2.1 - A2.2 2h / semana
Teen II B1.1 - B1.2 2h / semana
Teen III B2.1 - B2.2 2h / semana


Initial Assessment to determine the level that students have at the beginning of the course.

Continuous Assessment throughout course through participation in class and the completion of the activities on the online platform.

Summative Assessment by completing termly assessments which are modelled on the Cambridge Exams for Schools.


1 The first step, before being able to register you, is to know your level of English. For this we have a free online level test. Click here to access this test or find us at your nearest Multidiomas language academy.

  Level test  

2 Once you have completed the online test, you will receive your result via email and you can sign up for your English course. If you already did the level test, register online or visit one of our academies to sign up at the secretary’s office.

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