Advantages of One-to-One Classes

Freedom to choose dates and times

You have complete freedom to select the time and dates that suit you. You decide when you would like to have these classes.

Syllabus adapted to meet your needs

Depending on your goals, you can discuss the content of classes that you need and the materials that most suit you.

At your own pace

You determine the pace. You can put your classes on hold for a while and resume them when it is more convenient for you.

Enrolment open all year

The registration period is available all year. Classes start when you choose.

No fixed fees

You only pay for classes that you are receiving. There is no fixed fee.

No registration fee

You don’t need to pay registration fees. One less thing to worry about :)

Classes designed only for you
Clases de idiomas personalizadas

For those who would like a personalised and customized learning experience, we offer “bonos” for One-to-One classes or classes in small groups with a maximum of 4 students. You choose both the timetable that is most convenient for you and the content that you are going to study.

They are sessions of 45 or 60 minutes and are intended for students who have specific requirements and who wish to make fast and noticeable progress towards their aims. These classes can focus on exam preparation, an interview or a trip abroad, as well a practising speaking or any other objective that you might have.

  Signing up for One-to-One Classes