Give Me Five
Method ®

Here in Multidiomas, we have developed our own methodology. GIVE ME FIVE® is based on a learning system that is communicative and practical and in which technology plays an essential role.

1. Our methodology

Con un enfoque comunicativo y práctico a través del uso continuado de las 4 skills (comunicación oral y escrita, compresión lectora y auditiva).

2. Online platform

All students have access to their own resources such as videos, self-assessment activities or revision materials.

3. Qualified teachers

We have qualified native and bilingual language teachers that have been trained to teach our methodology.

4. Examination materials

Specific material for the preparation of your official exam which can guarantee your success (Cambridge, Trinity, Goethe, DELF-DALF, DELE)

5. Happy fridays

Extra Activities that promote the social and practical learning of a language (conversation classes, Quiz Shows, Mock exams, workshops and much more).

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